Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Virginia Surgery Associates we have a dedicated team of healthcare providers focused on your care. As a specialty practice we are responsible for performing a full evaluation as it relates to the problem for which you are being seen. If it is determined that you need a surgical procedure, we will perform that procedure and help manage all your pre- and post- surgical needs. So that you have a clear understanding of our practice, and how it functions, we have outlined the different roles and responsibilities of our team members below:

Surgery is a surgical subspecialty that primarily focuses on the abdominal organs but also includes many other types of surgical procedures involving the breast, colon, rectal, skin, soft tissues, blood vessels, hernias and glands. Additionally, surgeons are trained in emergent surgery, trauma surgery and, often, cancer surgery. All of our surgeons have completed additional training so they can provide further expertise in these different areas. Here at VSA, we have surgeons who have specialized in the following areas: Minimally invasive/Robotic procedures, Colorectal, Breast, Hepatobiliary, Thyroid and hernia repairs.

Physician Extenders, also known as Mid-Level Providers, include Physician Assistants (PA-C) and Nurse Practitioners (NP). They carry out a wide range of services and work closely with the surgeons and nurses. Physician Extenders will be part of your surgical team here at VSA. They are qualified to perform some of the same functions as physicians including but not limited to: taking your medical history, performing pre-operative and post-operative physical exams, providing patient education, performing minor office procedures and assisting in surgery. They can also order testing, imaging and medications when appropriate. They are under the supervision of your surgeon to ensure that you get the care that you need.

We have a dedicated staff of nurses who are trained to triage and manage many of our patient’s concerns. The nurses are available to answer both pre-operative as well as post-operative questions. The nurses will assist with obtaining any pre-operative clearances that you may need prior to your surgery being scheduled. When needed, they are able to contact your provider directly to help facilitate your care.

The medical/clinical assistant is the first clinical person you will most likely encounter during your visits. The medical assistant/clinical assistant has numerous responsibilities that include reviewing and documenting your history as well as taking and recording your vital signs. In addition, they are responsible for gathering all the information the provider may need to ensure your visit is comprehensive and efficient.

Virginia Surgery Associates’ surgeons have all graduated from well-renowned medical schools and residency programs. Many of VSA’s surgeons have pursued additional fellowship training, and are board certified, or board eligible by The American Board of Surgery.

Please bring your insurance card, photo ID, and referral from your Primary Care Physician should your insurance require one. Please also bring any films and reports if you had any prior testing.

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Our practice is excited to announce that pre-registration is now available! You’ll now be able to check in from your tablet, mobile phone, or computer before your appointment. If we have an email address on file for you, you will receive an email from us 3 days before your scheduled visit. Simply click on the link, answer a few identifying questions, and you’ll then be able to complete your registration from home! We encourage you to take advantage of this easy, convenient, Pre-Visit Check-In Process for your next visit. Here is a short video with more details about the patient experience:
Please note, once you schedule your appointment, you will receive an invite to visit our Online Patient Services link to access our Patient Portal. Access to our Patient Portal allows you to request appointments, ask your Surgeon a question, request prescription refills, and access your health information.

Already a Patient and want to use your smart phone!

You can now send us your appointment requests, request prescription renewals and ask questions from your phone if you already have a portal account with us!

To get started, select your device below. Sign in with the same user ID and password that you use to access your doctor’s website.

Once the registration process is complete you will be escorted to one of our exam rooms where your surgeon will review the films and test results you have brought with you to your appointment. Your surgeon will then examine you and discuss your treatment plan. Upon completion of your visit you will check-out with our Front Desk Staff. This process includes scheduling a follow-up appointment if recommended by your surgeon and collecting any patient payment portion due at the time of service. If your doctor has recommended surgery, you will review the Surgical Information Packet given to you at the time of your visit with one of our Clinical Assistant’s.
VSA’s surgeons perform surgery at Glen Echo Surgery Center, Inova Fairfax Hospital, Inova Fair Oaks Hospital, Inova Loudoun Hospital, Inova Alexandria Hospital, Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Reston Hospital Center, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, StoneSprings Hospital Center, Loudoun Ambulatory Surgery Center, Northern Virginia Surgery Center and the Inova Lorton Healthplex. Minor surgical procedures may be performed in our office at your surgeon’s discretion.

VSA’s charges are competitive in the market place and the practice participates with most insurance plans. This means we will bill your insurance plan. However, we may ask for any out of pocket costs associated with your insurance plan to be paid up front then balance bill you for any remaining patient balance portion. Please know we are happy to see any patient regardless of payor source. Payment arrangements may be made with our Billing Office. Please see our Financial Policy.

Patients are evaluated and treated by a VSA Provider and, when appropriate, they are then transitioned back to their Primary Care Physician (PCP) for management of their full health care.

PCP’s provide front line care to patients by diagnosing and treating common illnesses and identifying minor health issues before they become acute. They provide whole-person, comprehensive care while also coordinating across other health services and specialties. PCP’s ensure patients get the appropriate care, in the correct setting, by the most suitable practitioner, and in a manner consistent with the patient’s values and desires. Without regular screenings, a controllable condition can eventually become critical without proper care. At Virginia Surgery Associates, our Providers and Staff encourage patients to continue to follow up with their PCP

If you do not have a PCP, please visit to search for a PCP near you. We also encourage you to contact your insurance company. Your health insurance company may be able to provide you a listing of PCP’s in their network, within your community, accepting new patients.