Hernia Program

Hernia Program

Leaders in Hernia Surgery

Hernia Program Overview

Virginia Surgery Associates’ (VSA) Hernia Program offers a comprehensive assessment utilizing advanced assessment tools, radiologic studies (when indicated) and a complete physical exam.  Our approach to surgery is to utilize minimally invasive techniques which may include robotic surgery.  Post-operatively, we use the most up to date techniques for pain control and follow your progress until you achieve successful recovery.

Last year, the Surgeons of VSA’s Hernia Program performed over 2,500 hernia repairs, making it the busiest specialty hernia program in the region. The Physicians of the VSA Hernia Program are Board Certified or Board Eligible General Surgeons with a combined experience of more than 100 years of hernia surgery.  VSA Surgeons have been recognized throughout the region as pioneers and leaders in the field, and are responsible for training many local surgeons and others throughout the nation in the art and science of hernia surgery.

For almost 40 years VSA has provided top quality, innovative care for patients suffering from all varieties of hernias. Ranging from straightforward outpatient inguinal hernia repairs, in which we have achieved such a high level of proficiency our patients often return to work within 48 hours, to the most complex abdominal reconstructive procedures in patients who have previously been told are beyond help.  The surgeons strive to individualize care such that each of our patients receives the best operation for their condition.

The members of our hernia team have all received specialized training in hernia care above and beyond the routine practices learned in surgical residency programs.  We have been among the first in the region to utilize minimally invasive techniques, including advanced laparoscopic and robotic procedures, in providing the most up to date care available for sufferers of hernia-related diseases. 

Physical Exam and Advanced Assessment

During your initial visit with us, a thorough physical exam is completed by one our Surgeons specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of various hernias including complex repairs and reconstruction.

Advanced assessment tools are utilized during your office visit to measure operative success. These advanced assessment tools include:

Radiologic studies may have been completed prior to your office visit with us. We may however, if appropriate, order imaging studies determined by your specific condition. These studies will aid in the development of your surgical needs and care plan.


Here at Virginia Surgery Associates, we believe educating our patients is a top priority and contributes to an overall successful recovery. During your visit with us, your Surgeon will provide you with specific information on your signs, symptoms and severity of your hernia, discuss a surgical approach tailored to your individual needs, as well as provide you with precise post-operative care instructions.

Post-Operative Outcomes

To consistently provide top quality, innovative care for patients suffering from hernias, you may receive a post-surgery survey 6 months as well as 1 year after your hernia surgery via email in which provides outcome data to our practice. Your feedback assists us in tailoring our surgical techniques to provide minimally invasive surgeries as well as the most up to date care for sufferers of hernia related diseases.