Pancreatic Cancer Program

Pancreatic Cancer Program

Welcome to the Pancreatic Cancer Program at Virginia Surgery Associates (VSA)

Pancreatic Cancer Program Overview

Welcome to the Pancreatic Cancer Program at Virginia Surgery Associates (VSA); one of the latest subspecialty programs added to the wide array of subspecialties at VSA. Although pancreas surgeries were performed by Dr. Timothy R. Shaver at VSA for the past decade, the program’s concept was not established until Dr. George Younan, a fellowship-trained pancreatic surgeon, joined his mentor, Dr. Shaver in August of 2016. Together they created one of the fastest growing and busiest programs in the Northern Virginia area.

This website has been designed for patients who have been diagnosed or are being treated for pancreatic cancer, as well as patients carrying a high risk of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. How pancreatic cancer is prevented, diagnosed and treated has been summarized. We shed light on the only pancreatic cancer screening program in the Northern Virginia area and explain how this is done.

Meet the Pancreatic Cancer Program Team

The Pancreatic Cancer Program includes a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the different stages of caring for the pancreatic cancer patients.

Dr. Timothy R. Shaver

Dr. Timothy R. Shaver, a fellowship-trained transplant surgeon has been in the area more than 25 years and has currently practiced HPB surgery with VSA for the last decade.

Dr. George Younan

Dr. George Younan has been with VSA for the last 2 years. He is a fellowship-trained HPB surgeon who finished his fellowship at the Medical College of Wisconsin under the world-renowned Douglas. B Evans, a world authority in pancreatic cancer surgery.

Danielle M. Eganhouse, PA-C.

The program’s advanced care practitioner is Danielle Eganhouse, a physician assistant who joined the group in the fall of 2017.

Carrington Jones

Carrington Jones, is the HPB Program’s Coordinator that has been with VSA for the last 5 years. She will assist with all scheduling and coordinating patient care.

Candice Dickson, BSN, RN

Candice Dickson, BSN, RN is the HPB Program’s designated nurse with experience in adult critical care who joined VSA in the summer of 2018. Her role in the program is to triage patient phone calls and help patients coordinate their care.

Christine A. Gilloon

Christine A. Gilloon, VSA’s Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, has 23 years of experience, working with patients to provide nutrition education. She works along side the Pancreatic Cancer Program team to coordinate every facet of your treatment program.

The program has a dedicated operating room team under the direction of Chief Anesthesiologist, Dr. Umadevi Rangarajan and a specialized group of surgical technicians, scrub nurses, circulating nurses and OR team leaders.